Sadarghat; The Place Where I Lived

In the summer of 2000, I stepped permanently in Dhaka for a greater quest. My parents want me that I will become a cultured human being in my life. My father was working in the Fire Service Station of Sadarghat. He brought me to his place from Laxmipur, a trivial village from Munshiganj.

I admitted to a boarding school, located in Patuatuli near Sadarghat port. Life was very tough and mundane with strictly maintained routine there. I frequently roamed around the streets outside hostel walls, when I got chances to escape.

As a village boy, Sadarghat was amazed me a lot. The buzzing people, uproar chaoses, hustling-bustling crowd doped the ten years old little boy. I was thinking in those days, how a place could become such a mystery!

Sadarghat port was my everyday visiting place. I went into the terminal building without buying an entry ticket. Sometimes the gatekeepers asked random questions. But, they never stopped me. I was wandering the terminal wearing a white school uniform along with a cap named Tupi.

I left Sadarghat in near 2014. I was living in enormous places in This city. But, for me, Sadargat was a master key to a new journey. I revisited the place again and again. Sometimes I went and going there for nothing.

Maybe not for nothing. Maybe I was searching for a village boy’s childhood memories. Maybe I am trying to collect the dust of my broken dreams. Who knows!